Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Really Sad...

There are many tragic tales about this world, many things that bother me, that get me down and that make me angry. In all honesty I'm always angry, and if you have a problem with that you can go fuck yourself. :)

Anyways, it isn't really just today that I notice that people on this planet are fucking idiots. Although it seems the human race tends to get even more moronic when the holiday season approaches. I don't know, maybe it's because of all the flashy lights in the streets or even the thought of gifts on whatever holiday they celebrate, but people just get really, fucking stupid during the holidays.

I see people joyously walking through the streets with smiles on their faces, as if they don't notice how stupid they look. We're pretty much getting fucked from every angle imaginable and all they can think about is the holidays. I can see why it isn't that hard for a politician (someone that I'm ashamed to say, actually has a brain) to convince the people of a nation.

People are just stupid but I have to sit here and just deal with it, as do the other people that find people stupid. Cause you can't tell a stupid person they're stupid. Cause they're going to try to make some fucked up explanation trying to convince you they have a brain.

I hate everyone.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Shroom

Willow wallow, I walk and I stumble. Flying over mountains and moving trains like muffins. A million pieces of one mind coming together as a family. A million memories, a million tragedies. They all fly out of a mouth, my mouth. No one wants to be me. Because I are he and he be me. So forget what I said and fly with me. We'll go places you've never gone before. Like space and wonderland and places like other places and flowers, and daisies. A million words going on a million things being processed by one giant thing. Yes, my mind. What's going on you ask? I have no fucking clue! Trapped inside miles and miles of trees and hollow pumpkins. Flying through a town of millions of birds, helicopters. No one is there. Just a mind in space, a body but no face. Why? There flare go anywhere. Just hop, skip, jump, on a rainbow road. Flying through the mushroom home. This is bad, it's wrong. Don't cry, I wont. The reason I'm here is because of the one you're seeing. No one wants to go anywhere. No one wants to flare, just jump and see, how deep does the rabbit hole really go? The only way to find out is to jump and see.

All emotions, flying high. Reckless, I'm a mess. There isn't anyone that's going to get you out of this. Life, it's only an illusion. Enjoy it. Hate it. It doesn't matter, because in the end. You're a mind, only a mind and I am a mind. Two minds meet and another comes to join. It doesn't matter. Fly, skip, jump into another world all together. Come to see the only people being set free are you and me. We're just flying out. Coming out. Letting feelings fly and pigs cry. The only reason I do this is because of all the shit I'm going through. What's going on? No one bothered to ask. I'm lost in my words like a jungle a big mess. No one really knows where I am except me. I don't think any of you understand. It doesn't matter how brave you are. No matter how impressive you have to be. The real question is are you ready for life? Are you ready to see the real you? I don't know. I saw inside me. Like a cloud. A helicopter is just around me. The buzz fades as the light grows. What's going on? Lost within words, and visions within worlds. Don't try to run from it. Don't try to hide. I'm not a bad guy.

Use it don't abuse it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What the fuck?

At the moment, I am seated in a computer room at my school. As I surf the net and not do my assigned work. I come to realize that they block pretty much everything. I find it stupid. Not only because I can't surf the web correctly, but also I find it stupid. Why would you block things on the internet? To make the students work obviously. What if they're done their work? Are they suppose to spend thirty minutes of their class time twiddling their fingers and searching up funny pictures on google?

I honestly don't know what the schools problem is. If students want to go on youtube and facebook instead of doing their class work, let them! Sure we all know they are going to fail, but what's the matter with that! It teaches the students to self discipline themselves. If they don't want to stay in high-school all their lives I'm sure eventually they will smarten up, and do the work. Plus, the work done in most computers classes are quite simple. Sometimes they take time, but all rather easy.

It's really stupid when the school blocks sites to help improve class work sometimes. Such as "grooveshark.com" it's pretty much like Itunes but online and free. I know most people do their homework with music on and it actually helps me concentrate more. I feel focussed, in my own little world, but I'm getting my shit done.

Anyways, I think the school should calm down a little and those who wish to fail and look like retards falling one of the easiest classes then let them.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Know what to expect from a dog!

I got a dog a couple days ago. It's only 5 months at the moment so it isn't fully grown and in my opinion it's not that big. My friend demanded me to bring it to his house because he wanted to see it. Like most people in this world when they see a dog or puppy they think that it doesn't get active or something. I don't know, I'm used to taking care of dogs so I know their behaviors. Anyways, so I get to my friend's house and the dog comes in. He says: "What the fuck is that thing? It's huge! I thought you said it was small!" It's not that big, maybe he thought German Shepard/Husky breed was the size as the poodle breed.

So as we are hanging out, the dog is bored out of it's brains so decides to walk around the place. It grabs a baseball out of some box wanting to play and brings it to us. My friend immediately freaks out and yells at me saying that, that the dog can't chew on that. I told him straight up. "You wanted me to bring my dog, but you expect it to not want to do anything and just sleep?" He nodded his head! I wanted to fucking punch him!! Don't expect a motherfucking puppy to come over and not want to play. Puppies have 10 times the energy of a 5 year old dog. They want to play, they want to jump around. Sometimes they just want to cause trouble and piss you off.

Before all this mess he told me he was thinking of asking his parent's for a dog. So this is a message to all people who are thinking to get a dog, or that want to get a dog. They aren't what you see in the movies. Puppies like to make messes, play, tire the shit out of you and run your nerves to an end. So if a dog and or puppy is something you would like to invest in, in the future. It's going to piss and shit in your house, make messes, eat shit, chew on everything and etc.

If you want a dog be prepared, because if you buy one. Then figure out afterwards that you weren't cut out for the job. You're probably going to give it away to a shelter or if you're mean enough let it run in the street. Think of this though, the dogs in the shelter stay in cages all day, and if they aren't adopted after a certain amount of time. They get put down, they didn't even get a chance to live, and they are killed. So just know.

Now to the people that think they can handle it. Before buying at a pet store or whatever. Go to a animal shelter, give those dogs (or cats) a chance to live. Because it really isn't fair how they have to die because of their stupid owners. I got my dog at the SPCA (animal shelter) she's a good dog. Sure causes some trouble, but all dogs and or puppies do. Plus, the shelter animals are a lot cheaper than those in pet stores.

Animals have feelings and lives too! Give them a chance!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aperance wont change who we are!

I have been fucking pissed this whole week. Over a stupid rule at our school that I've known about for the longest time. Yet, lately, it's been getting to me more and more and finally something triggered me.

See I have a mohawk, shaved head on both sides and decently long hair in the middle. I also have piercings, 3 on ears and one on my eyebrow. Now this is what fucking killed me. I went to go get my report card the other day, and I was pulled into the vice principals office for some stupid shit reason, so not only did I have to wait to get my report card and go home, I had to get my balls busted hearing a speech that I couldn't care less about. After this very unappetizing speech, she handed me my report card and as I was leaving she said. "Make sure when you come back next semester not to have a mohawk." I've been in this situation before. Grade 7 I almost got kicked out of my school because of my hawk. Luckily I wasn't as much as an asshole and dark hearted person that I am now. Because now I want to fight back. The reason why they don't tolerate crazy haircuts or facial piercings is because of two things.

1. It's distracting towards other students. (Because people LOVE to stare at each other)

2. It makes the school look like a bad, and parents wouldn't want to send their kids there. (Apparently)

Pretty much what their saying, is don't be yourself, "Make our school look fucking good so that we can make more money." Right now, us teenagers are developing a style, a lifestyle and a future. You can't fucking tell some kid, who is into something different not to follow it, or to try new things. We have to experiment. To learn on our own, and if we have any regrets, that's our problem. You can't hold kids back from their dreams or interests.

The schools tell kids to go for their dreams, and try to achieve success and arrive to their "dream job". Yet, if it's something completely and utterly outrageous like an astronaut, they don't really take lightly of it.

For example, when some kids are younger they look at cars they want in the future, what they want to do when they're older. It was the same for me, just different. I always thought mohawks were and still are, awesome! I always wanted one. Super long, super high and some crazy color. Why? Because! I always liked the cool studded vest and jackets. Now that I am a teenager and I can start getting a taste of the life that I like. There are people like the school board shitting on people's heads! I can't go to school unless I wear a "clear" on my eyebrow piercing.

Anyways, what I'm trying to get to. Is that the school system isn't letting teenagers express themselves freely. Then you have a bunch of confused teenagers on your hands wearing what ever is in because that's what makes them fit in, and in the end the "misfit" kids aren't the freaks. It's all the other motherfuckers that call the "misfit" kids names.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Style, one of the most important things in the teenage life. You start developing more of a style in the teen stage, then perhaps carry it to adult hood, or maybe it's just a stage. As you've hopefully read in my other post about racism. That it doesn't actually exist, because there is no such thing as races between humans. For the fact, that we are all human. We aren't different races, just have different cultural backgrounds. Although with style, it seems as if races did exist. Everyone that has a different style belongs to a different style group.

I like the punk style. Ripped tight jeans, studs, zippers, chains, music, patches, crazy hair and just pure fucking rebel. I like it because it makes people stand out. Show their uniqueness, when you're walking down the street people stare and say "What the fuck?" Going back to showing how styles are like races. The over all Punk society, are an angry bunch. The music is angry, speaking or anarchy and chaos. Riots, fights and arson are usually seen throughout the punk world. Yet all of them seem to hate Emo kids, Metal heads, and pretty much everyone. You see now this is what I find the problem. Style is style. Don't judge people because of it. It's like the color of skin, it's really pathetic to look at someone and just judge. For example. I went on a camping trip recently. I had to go to the Junior campus of my school to pack the food supplies. Since it's now summer time. I shaved my head into a mohawk, and pierced my eyebrow, joining the other piercing that I had already. One of the vice principals (we have four) looks at me and says, "What is that?" I say "Nothing, it's summer, school's over and I'm going on the camping trip. So it's not like you can suspend me or make me not go on the trip, I payed." Then the other vice principal walks by. The one that's already astounded by my looks says "Did you see this? Can we tolerate this?" The other one quickly replies confused "What? His mohawk? So what? School's over" Then walks away. The other VP is left suspended, and looking like a fucking idiot.

See I don't understand why people can't just accept people for who they are, and what they like doing. Everyone has a problem with everyone. That's the problem with fucking society, that's why I'm a rebel. To do differently from everyone else, but by doing what I think is right. So for all the ignorant people that judge people. FUCK YOU!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Good Old Days...

Remember those days? The ones where it was worth waking up at 6 on Saturday mornings to see the good cartoons. Where Pogs were the best piece of cardboard ever created? Where Pokemon was new and amazing?

What happened?!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Those Days

You know those days. The ones where you have nothing to fucking do, and you're bored of the things you usually enjoy doing? I can't stand them! I have something to do tonight, but nothing to do during the day!!! It's amazingly pathetic.

When I'm in the middle of these days I feel like just dying until it's time for me to go do whatever I have to do. Sadly, my body wont let me die or fall asleep. I wish there was some sort of way to advance time. It would come in really fucking handy.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Nothing ever works out for me." What do you mean? "Whenever I plan things, people cancel on me...*begins to cry and cuts self*"

Alright listen up. What the fuck is wrong with people. Okay well I have been writing on this blog for several months now, and I'm pretty sure everyone who has read something that has come from my mind has noticed that there is clearly something wrong with a lot of people.

Today's topic. When people over react on plans being canceled.

It happens to me a lot, that either I have plans, and everyone ends up being busy, or it just doesn't happen because of weather or something else. I don't go around all depressed because of that. I don't sit in a fucking corner and cry the whole day. If something gets canceled. I either find something else to do. Or just economies, by staying home and doing fuck all...no matter how boring it is. As a matter of fact, it's what's happening to me RIGHT NOW!!! I'm sitting here, indoors in front of my computer writing about this. Because I see people status's on Facebook saying how upset they are. The weather is crappy and fucked up my plans...I would have been skating around town right now, but no. Things didn't go my way. I tried something else. Didn't happen either. So I'm stuck at home whoop di fuckin' doo!!! At least I'm not crying like a loser...

What I'm trying to say is that when someone or something happens. You can't let it ruin everything in your day. Sure it sucks that you can't do anything, but make the best of it. There is plenty of things to do in the world. Good weather or not...

Whenever I see people saying how upset they are because their plans are canceled. I think well honestly. There could be something worse right? There is tons of stuff going on in the world that you are incredibly lucky you aren't going through. I wont go into too much detail because I'm going to touch upon it in another post, but there are people in the world barely getting any sleep because of the fear of war and violence, or people buried under ruble or dirt because of natural disaster. Even in our own home cities or towns there are homeless people living on the streets with barely nothing, and you're upset about how shit is always canceling on you? These people have to be strong just to get through the day, but I don't think these people of our time realize this. They just walk right by it. Oblivious that there is something way fucking worse out there. Then friends canceling on you. By the way. If your friends have canceled on you a multiple of times. Have you ever got the impression that maybe they don't like you? Doesn't mean it's true...but it could be the case.


Monday, May 10, 2010


Hello, I'm fucking pissed as shit right now...why you ask? High school! The worst possible thing to happen to people. It turns people in to fucking little assholes who enjoy spreading shit that isn't true or shit that doesn't really matter, the only reason it's being spread is to be making you looks bad. See this is why I'm a rebel. Because I don't fucking care! Spread as much shit about me, try to ruin my "reputation" I honestly couldn't care less. the only thing that fucking gets to me, and fucking pisses me off is that people who you thought are your friends pass this shit about you around like fucking herpes!!!

Listen, people do stupid things. I do stupid things. EVERYONE DOES DO STUPID THINGS!!! Now just because something stupid went down doesn't fucking mean you should go be telling people. It isn't hot gossip. I'm not a celebrity, and even if I was I would be pretty fucking pissed if people would be spreading shit about me.

Now it's even worse when one of your so called "friends" know this rumor, and maybe even if they aren't spreading it. They wont tell you who they heard it from. Because they know God damn well know that whoever told them will be loosing a large portion of blood if you found out. Well in my opinion I would beat the living shit or verbal destroy this person. "But wait Mike! What if the person that is spreading shit is one of your friends?" Well first off, if they were fucking friends they wouldn't be saying things about you. Especially if it would be something either embarrassing or something just not to be fucking told.

But whatever. Spread rumors, tell lies. Release secrets. Just don't complain when you are getting the consequences. Even if it does involve people beating you up or people getting pissed at you. So as a message to all the mother fuckers out there that DO spread shit without consent of those it concerns. GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why is my personel life such gossip?

I don't get it? I do things in life, and people just make it seems like it's hot off the front page of some magazine. It spreads like wild fire, and people don't quit asking me what did you do? What did you do? When I keep fucking telling them. NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!!!

I think people just enjoy getting involved with other peoples lives in that way because their lives are utterly boring and they can't entertain themselves and make their own choices. So they decide to go nose around in other peoples lives and see what's going on. I find it extremely fucking annoying and extremely fucking rude.

It's kind of like with celebrities. People go fucking ape shit to know what they are doing at every single second. These people can't take a fucking piss without someone trying to figure out what's going on. When gowning and moaning because u have back pain turns into you are in an affair with a homeless clown named Bobo. THERE'S A FUCKING PROBLEM.

I'm going to make this a short post because I've said what I had to say, but I have one message for all those people that can't just leave people alone and stay out of peoples lives when you are clearly not wanted. FUCK YOU!!!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello everybody...
Today, I'm here to talk about myself...I know I'm nothing special and nothing to be talked about in general, but if you read the little writing under my header, you will clearly see that this site is for things that bug me and things that I dislike. So honestly, I fit right into this site, because if there is one thing I hate more than anything and would want to change completely, it's myself.

When I'm with friends, it's pretty hard to notice how much I'm hurting. Actually, I never show it in public. Although, there are a couple of close friends that know. That know how I really feel. No matter how stupid and funny I act on the outside. I feel dead and empty on the inside. Like a nut. On the outside the shell may seem nice, but once cracked open. You notice it was a bad nut.

I'm not smart, I'm not intelligent. If i even looked at a certain math problem I probably wouldn't be able to figure it out. All I am to myself is a shadow. Following a giant crowd of happy people. Trying to fit in, but for some reason it doesn't feel right.

I know I can be bitter, and I sometimes am to the people that care about me. So I apologize for that.

I honestly don't know what's making me so miserable. Life itself is just weighing on my shoulders, and I have to balance out everything that comes with it. I'm no circus clown. I wish that I could just drop all these plates. Live life easily, even though I know that's pretty impossible.

I've been neglected by my parents a lot in life. When ever they used to argue I was the one to get the after math. Now that they are separated they attempt to fix their mistake, and make me see that they really love me. Although they have chip a cup that cannot be fixed. This piece inside me. Missing. They say they love me. All I see is the past. The yelling, the arguments. Maybe that's why I'm so angry, and my anger is causing me sorrow. Both of those could be leading up to misery and depression. This is just a theory. There is so much more in my life that could have caused this.

Lately I haven't been wanting to get out of bed. There is no reason for me too. School seemed as a joke. I know that it would only bring me down even worse. Maybe I need a psychiatrist maybe I need pills to make me feel better, you know what I say to that? Fuck that. I don't need help to get better. I know there is something wrong with me. Deep inside, behind these bones, lies a pain which seems to grow.

Another reason that could be making me lead up to this feeling of sadness. Could be that I don't let out any of my feelings. I keep them bottled in. Then, they just start to over flow. Causing an uncontrollable amount of explosion of emotions. Maybe I'm in the stage of me ready to pop. Burst out in tears. Ready to fall...

I honestly don't know what's wrong with me...
When I look in the mirror, I see a broken person, and I hate what I see...
I hope this wound one day mends, to make me whole and stand as one again.
Because right now I'm just a puppet with no strings. I sit upon a counter top waiting for life to move. To do something. Yet I'm stuck waiting here...wondering when things will ever come. I feel as if this relieved a bit of presure. So maybe it was a good idea to write this here.

Call me emo, call me whatever you want...
Because this hurts...
And I'm pretty sure that nothing else would penetrate this pain to make it worse...


Monday, May 3, 2010

Kids These Days...

Kids these days, they're are all fucked!!! All of them! These new generations are nothing but posers and whores. They want to be like the grown ups. They see that making strip videos, having sex, smoking and getting drunk is the shit. It really isn't!!! Apart from the fact that I do all of those things...except from the strip videos. Kids these days just do what they see on t.v., movies and just watch what the older generations do. If it wasn't for us, they wouldn't be doing what they do. Although it is their own fault that they attempt to do what we do terribly.

First off, I can't really criticize them on looking up to the older generations and getting ideas from them. Because when we were 12 that's what we did. And the smoking and drinking all came from influence. Even if we don't think it. Some people reading this are like, "This kid is only a teenager, he isn't even an adult yet.". Well, I would like to promptly tell you to go fuck yourself. Because even though I'm not an adult. I speak my mind more maturely than some of them.

Anyways, kids these days are all into that hip-hop shit. I personally don't get what's so good about it. It's a loud base, with a guy talking really fast. But I guess that's what's "in". In most of these music videos, there are girls half naked dancing around like fucking strippers. (Not that I mind) This is not only degrading to woman, it just makes it look like all girls now a days are easy.(Not that I really care)I see little grade 7's thinking they are the shit, with their pants down to their knees and hat turned to the side. With a cigarette in between their lips and they are coughing more than an exhaust pipe of a 1986 Mustang. Then you have the 12 year old girls making strip tease videos for their "boyfriends" or attempting to have sex even though he isn't even old enough to get it up right. Wearing their skirts so high you can see the bottom of their ass cheeks. Do you see a problem here? I do!

Sometimes I would just want to smack this kids in the back of the heads. Honestly. I failed. I failed at remaining strong against peer pressure. But these kids, they are smarter than that. They should be the ones trying to stop this...propaganda being spread all over the nation. It's horrifically stupid.

I'm thinking right now. About how kids are moving into a scene, into a style that's going to stick with them. So if they want to look like retards with their pants on the ground. Or look like hookers with their non existing skirts. I guess that's what they want to be seen as. Well that's their choice. I can't say it will always be that way. Me for instance. I used to be all "Yo, yo, was-up dawg?" Now I'm all "Fuck you" People change. I like where I am now. If they like what they're doing fine. In my opinion it's disgusting.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Behind those friendly eyes, lies only betrayal...

Your friends...are they really your friends? Has it ever happened to you, that your "friend" says, "I promise I wont tell anyone" so you tell them whatever you have to tell them, and then all of a sudden. The whole fucking world knows what you told that single person. Then you ask them what the fuck happened, and they give you a fucking excuse like, "Oops, it slipped out." or "I guess someone over heard us talking." There is a possibility that the last one occurs, but if you know how to whisper. It shouldn't be a problem.

Friends are people you can count on. People you can trust. Friends are people you can have fun with. People who when you need them and they are there, like you're there for them. But if you have a "friend" that can't keep their fucking mouth shut when you clearly tell them too. I don't know if that would considered a friend. Where you can't tell them something private without them spreading the world as if it was herpes.

Also what bugs me about some friends is when they hear something from someone else or just have heard something about you going around. They wont tell you. Because they promised the other person that they wouldn't tell. Honestly I find this extremely fucking stupid, for the fact that YOU ARE INVOLVED IN THE THING BEING SPREAD! If you weren't involved then it would be none of your business. Although if someone is spreading something about you that either isn't true or wasn't suppose to be told. Why the fuck is it such a problem for people who say their you're friends to tell you something that involves you. I think it would be because if these kind of things piss you off and they know it does. They don't want you breaking the other persons legs. Which in my opinion is always needed.

To all people that either can't keep their mouth shut, or enjoy holding back secrets that involve the person that wants to know. You are a fucking bitch faced asshole and deserve to get cancer...you cunt.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Good day,
Today I will be discussing about the drug argument. Argument? What argument? The argument between the people that use them but don't abuse them and the people who are abusers and just need a quick fix. This argument stands against the government in the choice of them keeping drugs illegal or finally legalizing them.

I'm not a big drug user. Although I have friends that are. My question when I ask myself, is if they are users or abusers. What's the difference? Users are people who do or have used drugs but have never developed a dependence of them. For example me. I'll smoke a joint or two, but it's hard for me to get "hooked". For the other people out there that use drugs, but for all the wrong reasons. (I don't want to say anybody's name, for the fact that it isn't cool to be suspicious of people, what they do is their business.) I smoke weed, for a couple reasons. First off, it's fun. The way it makes you feel isn't something you would feel everyday, also it's an anti-depressant. So for a person like me that's always thinking negatively, this drug is more of a "happy way out" instead of a "I need this" kind of thing. Second reason I like it, is because it could save lives. Doctors prescribe this drugs to cancer patients and anorexia. With the cancer situation, it actually slows down the cancer cells from spreading. It doesn't get rid of them, but it gives you a couple more hours of life. With the anorexia situation, it makes you hungry. So you eat. I actually smoked a spliff one time and I ate a fucking poutine, a sandwich, cereal, mashed potatoes, turkey, salad and a couple other things. All that food in my stomach felt like I just ate a chocolate bar.

Abusing the drug and saying that you NEED it like people NEED coffee or else they are going to be a whore bag for the entire day. I've never been addicted to something. So I wouldn't be able to tell you how hard it is to be addicted. Although in my opinion it isn't good to abuse drugs. And to those people who are addicted to things. I advise you to quit, although if you can develop a bond with the drug (alcohol and cigarettes too) and use it without being addicted to the product I think that would be considerably acceptable.

In my opinion drugs should be legalized. Every single one of them. I'm not saying that they are a good thing and I'm not promoting to children to run away from home and start snorting coke like it was nasal spray. But think of it. The economy would be flying. There wouldn't be any more drug crime anymore because it would all be in the pharmacies. And it isn't obligatory that people do them. Like I wouldn't touch anything that was man made like coke, smack or something like that. And for the people do get addicted to the product it would be their problem! They would have to deal with the consequences. I'm pretty sure every rehab in the country is going to be booming with business. And if these addicts can't pay bills anymore and can't support being in a house. Install suicide booths around the city. Like in that show, Futurama, it's off the air now, but whatever. It's a quarter. So the government makes money. And it keeps the world clean of suicidal bastards that want to jump off building or in front of subway cars. And less of a mess already. Plus the government shouldn't really be giving a fuck about the people that use the drugs. Smoking kills right? Yet the government sits by it like there isn't a problem. Why? Profit...
So come on government! Legalize the drugs already! There is a shiny penny waiting for you.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

"I hate my parents! They wont let me go out whenever I want!"

I've been hearing this phrase way to many times lately. Kids, or teenagers are complaining that their parents don't let them go out when ever they feel like it, certain places, or whatever.

First off you should shut your fucking mouth. Your parents put up with your obnoxious self for all your life, and I'm sure at times they both thought of putting you in the blender and hit liquefy or punting you off a mountain. The problem with these kids that complain way to much, is either they're spoiled rotten, not trusted or just have annoying over protective parents.

Some of the kids that complain about not being able to go out. Is because they got the sweet life. Live in a nice big house, have a bunch of crap they don't even need, and pretty much get whatever they want. See, but the time one of the parents will say no to something, this kid breaks down like a lunatic, screaming and yelling just to get what they want. In my opinion these kids that have it easy, and should switch places with a kid that lives in a shitty apartment, doesn't have much, and doesn't complain. No matter how hard their life is. I can tell you the difference right now. The little spoiled fuck is going to be pissed. Having a tiny room and a tiny bed, with barely any stuff. PISSED! On the other hand, the kid that came from that apartment would be happy as can fucking be! He has what he always wanted! In my opinion I would get a little pissed if I was a kid switching from lower class to upper class. Because I would look at all the shit I had and just throw it all away. Because I'm pretty damn sure most of it is fucking useless. So if you're a spoiled brat and can't take no for an answer. I just want to see you in the future, when you get rejected by a girl or guy. What are you going to do? Beat them up? Just because it doesn't go your way doesn't mean you should over-react. If you haven't noticed. You aren't the ruler of the world. There are billions of other people on this planet too, and you aren't any different from any of them. Apart from the fact that you're annoying.

Alright moving on to the second case. Kids or teens who aren't trusted. Some kids aren't trusted by their parents because if they act like little pricks at home, the probability of them acting like pricks elsewhere, is high. Also the kids that have been caught fucking, drinking, using drugs or having them in their possession and the list goes on. Well for guys I think the fucking wouldn't be that much of a big deal, but for girls I'm sure it is. But the parents of these kids wouldn't let them go out, because for all they know the kid is going to get high and try to walk on the ledge of a building, or pretend he could fly by jumping off a bridge. So that's another reason these poor kids can't go out.

The third reason in my opinion would be over protective parents. Although, I can't say much about this one, because that if your parents are over protective of you, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let you go anywhere without them, and if they do let you go alone. You would have to wear like elbow pads and a helmet...even though you are walking.

There is one more thing I didn't put here, and it has to do with your parents looking out for you. If you are going to a dangerous part of town, or a bad area. Your parents are no doubt going to worry about you. They love you. Even though sometimes they don't act like it. They do. So they are doing it for your own protection. What I did is gain their trust. Even though they aren't my favorite people in the world. I made them trust me. So they let me go where ever. As long as I come back. So try that out. And quit complaining. Because maybe if you weren't such a whiny bitch, your parents would like you.


"I love you", English Translation: Let me fucking eat your heart!!!

Love is something known through history as a feeling you feel for the other sex or same sex, that makes you feel as if nothing else was important, apart from this other individual. Although love maybe a feeling that doesn't come very often. When it does come it's usually amazing. Every time you kiss this person you feel as if your floating in space and nothing could ever ruin you. You're standing on the tip of a mountain, and nothing can bring you down. Believe it or not, nothing lasts forever, and you're going to be knocked off that mountain falling to your untimely doom.

I've been there. I met this girl a while ago, fell in love with her. I would cross oceans for this girl. No relationship actually came from this, but it doesn't mean we didn't have fun. When I asked her to be true, she denied me for the fact that "she lost feelings for me." I was devastated. Life went just went down the poop shoot. I didn't want to wake up in the morning knowing that my life had no purpose without her. So skipping all the little depressing details this devastating event caused me into going into depression. I'm usually a happy, funny guy. After this, all my colors faded to Grey, and I became...boring.

I know I'm not the only person in the world that has goes through this. Tons of people do, although it doesn't always turn out the same way. In my situation, after a couple months on being down in the dumps. I got back on my feet. It's isn't that I forgot about what happened, I just learned how to ignore it. Although for some people go into such deep depression it would take a lot to get them out. Sometimes the other options to get you feeling better work. (psychologists, anti-depressants etc...) Although on other occasions, these things do not work, and the person falls so deep into depression about this other person that they have the thought in their head that life is no longer important without this person. So it eventually leads to suicide.

I know how it feels to be victim to love. Yet...I have broken a heart before. A heart that cared for me when no one else did, that loved me for who I am, and I threw it away. Crushed, smashed, left in the dust. The girl I did this to, said it herself when I was going through my dilemma. "Karma's a bitch" and no matter how much that comment hurt me at the time. I believed it. I don't think it's possible to say sorry to someone anymore than I did. I apologized to this girl, over and over. So put this one on the list. I am sorry. For hurting you, deserting you...the fact of me even discussing another girl in front of you knowing you still have pieces of feelings for me. So I apologize again for the pain I caused you. The pain that I then felt.

Love is a terrible drug...
Irresistible, and delicious outside...
But poisonous and disgusting interior...



Ah yes racism. A topic that touches us all. Not in the way the creepy old man down the street touches young girls, or that way the catholic priest touches the alter boys. It seems to be an important topic in my life because I have a bunch of friends (believe it or not). They all have different ethnic backgrounds and some have darker skin than others. Now I treat them like no different person, because well...that’s what they are, people! Like you and me! But there are some people in the world that just can't fucking accept that. When they see someone with a darker shade of skin, it's all, "Holy fuck, he probably wants to steal my car." WTF? Honestly? Just cause he has darker skin, that makes him a fucking thief? You know what, just to prove your fucking wrong, I hope a guy as white at snow fucking takes your car from under your nose. People cannot just judge people like that. Although I shouldn't be the one to talk. I'm not saying I judge people because of skin color, but when your pants are below your ass and scraping the ground. I will automatically assume you have mental issues. If you are going to wear your pants so fucking low. Why wear them at all?
Anyways back to my topic.

The first thing I would want to discuss about racism is that people over use racist words. I play X-box, and whenever I join a lobby for a game all I can hear is, some twelve year old kid, getting smashed on by a 17 year old who’s saying: "What the fuck, you sound like your still in diapers." Then the twelve year old would respond saying something stupid back. Usually one of these conversations would usually end in: "Whatever you're gay." Or "Shut up, and quit acting like a nigger." I'm going to analyze this. The person who is using the term "nigger" must be referring to slaves? So, technically he's acting like a slave? Um...I don't get it? If this person was referring to a black person. First off, he’s a racist little fucker who should get car jacks attached to his nipples. Second off he’s trying to explain that this young boy is acting like someone that goes to work or school everyday just like everyone of us. Pays taxes just like all of us. So really? He's acting like a normal human being? If that's so bad what the fuck is wrong with you? You from space or something?

Second off, I would like to refer to the people that say racist words to each other, and it's okay. Although when someone with a different color skin says it. They fucking freak out on them. I'm once again going to refer the word "nigger".
You see guys on the street meeting up with friends just like most teenagers do, but instead of opening the conversation with: "Hey, how's it going?" you would hear them say: "What's going on my nigger." Okay, so their saying to each other. Which means it would be okay if everyone else says it to their friends...right? Sadly. That isn't the case. These guys that say it have to make this huge stink about how: "When our kind says it, their being racist." First off, "our kind"? We're all fucking human dumb ass! Second off, if you can approach your friend and say: "Hey nigger" I can most definitely do it too! So if you don't want "our kind" because we are a different races all of a sudden. To stop saying it, why don't you stop saying it too? "Oh, I can say it all I want. I'm black." Alright? And....what's the catch? Do you have some super power that I do not possess? Just because that word was used on dark skinned people who were slaves back in the day, doesn't mean you have any right to say it. Even if you have the same color skin as they did. So don't get fucking mad at me when I say it to my friends.

Alright moving on. I think I'm going to end this by explaining how "nigger" isn't TECHNICALLY a bad word. Still is though in a way. "Nigger" was a word, used back then (Sorry I'm not putting exact dates but I'm not a fucking history teacher) to portray slaves. So technically calling someone a "nigger" would be like calling them a slave...right? I'm no history teacher, or ethics teacher. So if there is something I'm missing here just tell me. But calling someone a "nigger" shouldn't be something to be taken offense to. Although it would make sense, if someone OF ANY COLOR SKIN (black, white, yellow, orange, purple, green, WHATEVER) would call someone a nigger, disrespecting what happened back then. I find that would be the equivalent to going up to a Jewish person and saying "HAIL HITLER!" right in their face. So anyways. This is MY opinion.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Education and work

I'm getting fucking tired of being put down because I can't meet some high expectations for the Education System. I understand we need to know shit in life, but in all seriousness. Come on! They teach you shit that's completely useless in life. I know education is important, unless you want to become a doorknob...but seriously school is over rated.

The fact that they make you sit there and learn shit that you're going to forget the minute you walk out of high school (unless you go into something with that needed) if ridiculous. I have to sit there and learn algebraic methods, bust my ass all year and then grow up and end up getting a "career" that has NOTHING to do with it at all! Thanks a lot education system. Thanks for making me waste my own time failing at stupidity. :)

Now, about work. When I think of it, I don't see it as such a bad thing. I kinda like it. You're getting paid for what you do, so I can't really complain. I don't like the fact that you have to work to live and live to work, but that's how it is under this stupid government. The thing I just don't get it when people go apeshit on their education and work so hard to follow that one single profession that they wish to obtain. I find it stupid because, don't you think. After thirty years of working where ever you are. You're going to get board of it? I would. If I had to be stuck in an office during three decades I would most probably go insane! It's like throwing your life away, because you're too busy saving up for your old age, and when you finally do retire. You can't even do some of the things you wanted to do because you're to old! So there you have it, you wasted you're whole life saving up and all that saved up money has to be used to pay fucking bills and government taxes. * applause*

I say live your life. The way YOU want to. Not the way you have to. It's sad how used we are by the people in this world that have the power. We're human! Just another species of animals. Do you see lions going to some corporate shithole every day to earn a living? No! They're still running around in the fields enjoying life the way a lion should. Why do us humans have to tell each other what to do and how to do it, and if you can't do it. Good luck living life buddy. Greed and power. Those two things ruined a lot of lives, the people obsessed with those two feelings are still ass raping the whole world, but us mere peasants just sit there and watch. Cause we can't do anything about it.