Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Know what to expect from a dog!

I got a dog a couple days ago. It's only 5 months at the moment so it isn't fully grown and in my opinion it's not that big. My friend demanded me to bring it to his house because he wanted to see it. Like most people in this world when they see a dog or puppy they think that it doesn't get active or something. I don't know, I'm used to taking care of dogs so I know their behaviors. Anyways, so I get to my friend's house and the dog comes in. He says: "What the fuck is that thing? It's huge! I thought you said it was small!" It's not that big, maybe he thought German Shepard/Husky breed was the size as the poodle breed.

So as we are hanging out, the dog is bored out of it's brains so decides to walk around the place. It grabs a baseball out of some box wanting to play and brings it to us. My friend immediately freaks out and yells at me saying that, that the dog can't chew on that. I told him straight up. "You wanted me to bring my dog, but you expect it to not want to do anything and just sleep?" He nodded his head! I wanted to fucking punch him!! Don't expect a motherfucking puppy to come over and not want to play. Puppies have 10 times the energy of a 5 year old dog. They want to play, they want to jump around. Sometimes they just want to cause trouble and piss you off.

Before all this mess he told me he was thinking of asking his parent's for a dog. So this is a message to all people who are thinking to get a dog, or that want to get a dog. They aren't what you see in the movies. Puppies like to make messes, play, tire the shit out of you and run your nerves to an end. So if a dog and or puppy is something you would like to invest in, in the future. It's going to piss and shit in your house, make messes, eat shit, chew on everything and etc.

If you want a dog be prepared, because if you buy one. Then figure out afterwards that you weren't cut out for the job. You're probably going to give it away to a shelter or if you're mean enough let it run in the street. Think of this though, the dogs in the shelter stay in cages all day, and if they aren't adopted after a certain amount of time. They get put down, they didn't even get a chance to live, and they are killed. So just know.

Now to the people that think they can handle it. Before buying at a pet store or whatever. Go to a animal shelter, give those dogs (or cats) a chance to live. Because it really isn't fair how they have to die because of their stupid owners. I got my dog at the SPCA (animal shelter) she's a good dog. Sure causes some trouble, but all dogs and or puppies do. Plus, the shelter animals are a lot cheaper than those in pet stores.

Animals have feelings and lives too! Give them a chance!