Thursday, October 21, 2010

What the fuck?

At the moment, I am seated in a computer room at my school. As I surf the net and not do my assigned work. I come to realize that they block pretty much everything. I find it stupid. Not only because I can't surf the web correctly, but also I find it stupid. Why would you block things on the internet? To make the students work obviously. What if they're done their work? Are they suppose to spend thirty minutes of their class time twiddling their fingers and searching up funny pictures on google?

I honestly don't know what the schools problem is. If students want to go on youtube and facebook instead of doing their class work, let them! Sure we all know they are going to fail, but what's the matter with that! It teaches the students to self discipline themselves. If they don't want to stay in high-school all their lives I'm sure eventually they will smarten up, and do the work. Plus, the work done in most computers classes are quite simple. Sometimes they take time, but all rather easy.

It's really stupid when the school blocks sites to help improve class work sometimes. Such as "" it's pretty much like Itunes but online and free. I know most people do their homework with music on and it actually helps me concentrate more. I feel focussed, in my own little world, but I'm getting my shit done.

Anyways, I think the school should calm down a little and those who wish to fail and look like retards falling one of the easiest classes then let them.