Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aperance wont change who we are!

I have been fucking pissed this whole week. Over a stupid rule at our school that I've known about for the longest time. Yet, lately, it's been getting to me more and more and finally something triggered me.

See I have a mohawk, shaved head on both sides and decently long hair in the middle. I also have piercings, 3 on ears and one on my eyebrow. Now this is what fucking killed me. I went to go get my report card the other day, and I was pulled into the vice principals office for some stupid shit reason, so not only did I have to wait to get my report card and go home, I had to get my balls busted hearing a speech that I couldn't care less about. After this very unappetizing speech, she handed me my report card and as I was leaving she said. "Make sure when you come back next semester not to have a mohawk." I've been in this situation before. Grade 7 I almost got kicked out of my school because of my hawk. Luckily I wasn't as much as an asshole and dark hearted person that I am now. Because now I want to fight back. The reason why they don't tolerate crazy haircuts or facial piercings is because of two things.

1. It's distracting towards other students. (Because people LOVE to stare at each other)

2. It makes the school look like a bad, and parents wouldn't want to send their kids there. (Apparently)

Pretty much what their saying, is don't be yourself, "Make our school look fucking good so that we can make more money." Right now, us teenagers are developing a style, a lifestyle and a future. You can't fucking tell some kid, who is into something different not to follow it, or to try new things. We have to experiment. To learn on our own, and if we have any regrets, that's our problem. You can't hold kids back from their dreams or interests.

The schools tell kids to go for their dreams, and try to achieve success and arrive to their "dream job". Yet, if it's something completely and utterly outrageous like an astronaut, they don't really take lightly of it.

For example, when some kids are younger they look at cars they want in the future, what they want to do when they're older. It was the same for me, just different. I always thought mohawks were and still are, awesome! I always wanted one. Super long, super high and some crazy color. Why? Because! I always liked the cool studded vest and jackets. Now that I am a teenager and I can start getting a taste of the life that I like. There are people like the school board shitting on people's heads! I can't go to school unless I wear a "clear" on my eyebrow piercing.

Anyways, what I'm trying to get to. Is that the school system isn't letting teenagers express themselves freely. Then you have a bunch of confused teenagers on your hands wearing what ever is in because that's what makes them fit in, and in the end the "misfit" kids aren't the freaks. It's all the other motherfuckers that call the "misfit" kids names.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Style, one of the most important things in the teenage life. You start developing more of a style in the teen stage, then perhaps carry it to adult hood, or maybe it's just a stage. As you've hopefully read in my other post about racism. That it doesn't actually exist, because there is no such thing as races between humans. For the fact, that we are all human. We aren't different races, just have different cultural backgrounds. Although with style, it seems as if races did exist. Everyone that has a different style belongs to a different style group.

I like the punk style. Ripped tight jeans, studs, zippers, chains, music, patches, crazy hair and just pure fucking rebel. I like it because it makes people stand out. Show their uniqueness, when you're walking down the street people stare and say "What the fuck?" Going back to showing how styles are like races. The over all Punk society, are an angry bunch. The music is angry, speaking or anarchy and chaos. Riots, fights and arson are usually seen throughout the punk world. Yet all of them seem to hate Emo kids, Metal heads, and pretty much everyone. You see now this is what I find the problem. Style is style. Don't judge people because of it. It's like the color of skin, it's really pathetic to look at someone and just judge. For example. I went on a camping trip recently. I had to go to the Junior campus of my school to pack the food supplies. Since it's now summer time. I shaved my head into a mohawk, and pierced my eyebrow, joining the other piercing that I had already. One of the vice principals (we have four) looks at me and says, "What is that?" I say "Nothing, it's summer, school's over and I'm going on the camping trip. So it's not like you can suspend me or make me not go on the trip, I payed." Then the other vice principal walks by. The one that's already astounded by my looks says "Did you see this? Can we tolerate this?" The other one quickly replies confused "What? His mohawk? So what? School's over" Then walks away. The other VP is left suspended, and looking like a fucking idiot.

See I don't understand why people can't just accept people for who they are, and what they like doing. Everyone has a problem with everyone. That's the problem with fucking society, that's why I'm a rebel. To do differently from everyone else, but by doing what I think is right. So for all the ignorant people that judge people. FUCK YOU!