Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Style, one of the most important things in the teenage life. You start developing more of a style in the teen stage, then perhaps carry it to adult hood, or maybe it's just a stage. As you've hopefully read in my other post about racism. That it doesn't actually exist, because there is no such thing as races between humans. For the fact, that we are all human. We aren't different races, just have different cultural backgrounds. Although with style, it seems as if races did exist. Everyone that has a different style belongs to a different style group.

I like the punk style. Ripped tight jeans, studs, zippers, chains, music, patches, crazy hair and just pure fucking rebel. I like it because it makes people stand out. Show their uniqueness, when you're walking down the street people stare and say "What the fuck?" Going back to showing how styles are like races. The over all Punk society, are an angry bunch. The music is angry, speaking or anarchy and chaos. Riots, fights and arson are usually seen throughout the punk world. Yet all of them seem to hate Emo kids, Metal heads, and pretty much everyone. You see now this is what I find the problem. Style is style. Don't judge people because of it. It's like the color of skin, it's really pathetic to look at someone and just judge. For example. I went on a camping trip recently. I had to go to the Junior campus of my school to pack the food supplies. Since it's now summer time. I shaved my head into a mohawk, and pierced my eyebrow, joining the other piercing that I had already. One of the vice principals (we have four) looks at me and says, "What is that?" I say "Nothing, it's summer, school's over and I'm going on the camping trip. So it's not like you can suspend me or make me not go on the trip, I payed." Then the other vice principal walks by. The one that's already astounded by my looks says "Did you see this? Can we tolerate this?" The other one quickly replies confused "What? His mohawk? So what? School's over" Then walks away. The other VP is left suspended, and looking like a fucking idiot.

See I don't understand why people can't just accept people for who they are, and what they like doing. Everyone has a problem with everyone. That's the problem with fucking society, that's why I'm a rebel. To do differently from everyone else, but by doing what I think is right. So for all the ignorant people that judge people. FUCK YOU!


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