Friday, January 11, 2013


I'm done, finally out of serious depression, have somewhat control of my life and make my own decisions. I came by to say what I believe the world should look like. - no countries, world wide unity. - no currency, work with trade, if you want something make it, or trade something for it. - no guns, who do we need to protect ourselves from if everyone is united? - no police, why would we need one? no money, no guns, what do we need protection from? a knife? 10 citizens vs. 1 attacker wins. - no entertainment, tv, celebrities, high budget movies that involve people that the whole world knows. (no one should be well known, unless you've already met them) - no news, no need for it. there wont be any wars, nothing foreign to talk about, want local news? talk to local people. - legal drugs, there wont be currency so wars will not happen. if people choose to steal drugs instead of produce them themselves, then a search party will be dispatched. Fuck COPS! Common fucking people, standing together!!@@!! If junkies want their junk they got to find all their shit, or grow it. trade for it, whatever. - no homeless, if we have enough trees and other resources to make millions and millions of pieces of paper, cardboard boxes whatever, we have enough to have everyone under a roof with running water and heating. - electricity and water will NOT be a job, but a volunteering task. Those who dedicate their lives to others receive compensation by general public. - No leaders! Work as community, not as legion! We need not someone to lead our heard and tell us to do shit for them. Do things for yourself and the people you love. - Whatever work that will be done will be done in group, non paid, and non profit. But ALSO be self run. If you want to make clothing and get goods through that. Then by all means, find vacant space within the your home create the goods, and then trade them on the street. - no labourers, no workers, no employees, people do things under free will, you are the boss of no one and no one is the boss of you. - nothing is necessary unless its something for the bare minimal of living conditions (housing, food, water) - food will be produced by you or farmers who also volunteer to support themselves and the general public. - no rent - only "leader" is the mayor of the town, or city, and the only thing he really does is address issues in which everyone can work together to fix. - free education (teachers are volunteers) general rule: if you want to do something, a profession you think you would enjoy, not for the money but for the content. Then do it, you are it, that's your trade. This is not de-evolution, this IS evolution! Our society forces people to be silent, and talk to no one, work only with the ones who'd had the same job as well. No communication, no real team effort, due to people don't really give a fuck about their jobs, or their co-workers. Its all about the dough, how big of a house you got, nice car, big dick, banging broad. (or vice versa) This is bringing humans back to the state of humanity, the state of living beings and not machines. I call it, Careatarian because the only thing this system makes you do, is care. For the people in your neighbourhood, for the grocers, the tailors, the chefs, everyone! You need everyone to live, because without them there is nothing else. Fuck this society, fuck these rulers, fuck me, and fuck you.