Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Good day,
Today I will be discussing about the drug argument. Argument? What argument? The argument between the people that use them but don't abuse them and the people who are abusers and just need a quick fix. This argument stands against the government in the choice of them keeping drugs illegal or finally legalizing them.

I'm not a big drug user. Although I have friends that are. My question when I ask myself, is if they are users or abusers. What's the difference? Users are people who do or have used drugs but have never developed a dependence of them. For example me. I'll smoke a joint or two, but it's hard for me to get "hooked". For the other people out there that use drugs, but for all the wrong reasons. (I don't want to say anybody's name, for the fact that it isn't cool to be suspicious of people, what they do is their business.) I smoke weed, for a couple reasons. First off, it's fun. The way it makes you feel isn't something you would feel everyday, also it's an anti-depressant. So for a person like me that's always thinking negatively, this drug is more of a "happy way out" instead of a "I need this" kind of thing. Second reason I like it, is because it could save lives. Doctors prescribe this drugs to cancer patients and anorexia. With the cancer situation, it actually slows down the cancer cells from spreading. It doesn't get rid of them, but it gives you a couple more hours of life. With the anorexia situation, it makes you hungry. So you eat. I actually smoked a spliff one time and I ate a fucking poutine, a sandwich, cereal, mashed potatoes, turkey, salad and a couple other things. All that food in my stomach felt like I just ate a chocolate bar.

Abusing the drug and saying that you NEED it like people NEED coffee or else they are going to be a whore bag for the entire day. I've never been addicted to something. So I wouldn't be able to tell you how hard it is to be addicted. Although in my opinion it isn't good to abuse drugs. And to those people who are addicted to things. I advise you to quit, although if you can develop a bond with the drug (alcohol and cigarettes too) and use it without being addicted to the product I think that would be considerably acceptable.

In my opinion drugs should be legalized. Every single one of them. I'm not saying that they are a good thing and I'm not promoting to children to run away from home and start snorting coke like it was nasal spray. But think of it. The economy would be flying. There wouldn't be any more drug crime anymore because it would all be in the pharmacies. And it isn't obligatory that people do them. Like I wouldn't touch anything that was man made like coke, smack or something like that. And for the people do get addicted to the product it would be their problem! They would have to deal with the consequences. I'm pretty sure every rehab in the country is going to be booming with business. And if these addicts can't pay bills anymore and can't support being in a house. Install suicide booths around the city. Like in that show, Futurama, it's off the air now, but whatever. It's a quarter. So the government makes money. And it keeps the world clean of suicidal bastards that want to jump off building or in front of subway cars. And less of a mess already. Plus the government shouldn't really be giving a fuck about the people that use the drugs. Smoking kills right? Yet the government sits by it like there isn't a problem. Why? Profit...
So come on government! Legalize the drugs already! There is a shiny penny waiting for you.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

"I hate my parents! They wont let me go out whenever I want!"

I've been hearing this phrase way to many times lately. Kids, or teenagers are complaining that their parents don't let them go out when ever they feel like it, certain places, or whatever.

First off you should shut your fucking mouth. Your parents put up with your obnoxious self for all your life, and I'm sure at times they both thought of putting you in the blender and hit liquefy or punting you off a mountain. The problem with these kids that complain way to much, is either they're spoiled rotten, not trusted or just have annoying over protective parents.

Some of the kids that complain about not being able to go out. Is because they got the sweet life. Live in a nice big house, have a bunch of crap they don't even need, and pretty much get whatever they want. See, but the time one of the parents will say no to something, this kid breaks down like a lunatic, screaming and yelling just to get what they want. In my opinion these kids that have it easy, and should switch places with a kid that lives in a shitty apartment, doesn't have much, and doesn't complain. No matter how hard their life is. I can tell you the difference right now. The little spoiled fuck is going to be pissed. Having a tiny room and a tiny bed, with barely any stuff. PISSED! On the other hand, the kid that came from that apartment would be happy as can fucking be! He has what he always wanted! In my opinion I would get a little pissed if I was a kid switching from lower class to upper class. Because I would look at all the shit I had and just throw it all away. Because I'm pretty damn sure most of it is fucking useless. So if you're a spoiled brat and can't take no for an answer. I just want to see you in the future, when you get rejected by a girl or guy. What are you going to do? Beat them up? Just because it doesn't go your way doesn't mean you should over-react. If you haven't noticed. You aren't the ruler of the world. There are billions of other people on this planet too, and you aren't any different from any of them. Apart from the fact that you're annoying.

Alright moving on to the second case. Kids or teens who aren't trusted. Some kids aren't trusted by their parents because if they act like little pricks at home, the probability of them acting like pricks elsewhere, is high. Also the kids that have been caught fucking, drinking, using drugs or having them in their possession and the list goes on. Well for guys I think the fucking wouldn't be that much of a big deal, but for girls I'm sure it is. But the parents of these kids wouldn't let them go out, because for all they know the kid is going to get high and try to walk on the ledge of a building, or pretend he could fly by jumping off a bridge. So that's another reason these poor kids can't go out.

The third reason in my opinion would be over protective parents. Although, I can't say much about this one, because that if your parents are over protective of you, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let you go anywhere without them, and if they do let you go alone. You would have to wear like elbow pads and a helmet...even though you are walking.

There is one more thing I didn't put here, and it has to do with your parents looking out for you. If you are going to a dangerous part of town, or a bad area. Your parents are no doubt going to worry about you. They love you. Even though sometimes they don't act like it. They do. So they are doing it for your own protection. What I did is gain their trust. Even though they aren't my favorite people in the world. I made them trust me. So they let me go where ever. As long as I come back. So try that out. And quit complaining. Because maybe if you weren't such a whiny bitch, your parents would like you.


"I love you", English Translation: Let me fucking eat your heart!!!

Love is something known through history as a feeling you feel for the other sex or same sex, that makes you feel as if nothing else was important, apart from this other individual. Although love maybe a feeling that doesn't come very often. When it does come it's usually amazing. Every time you kiss this person you feel as if your floating in space and nothing could ever ruin you. You're standing on the tip of a mountain, and nothing can bring you down. Believe it or not, nothing lasts forever, and you're going to be knocked off that mountain falling to your untimely doom.

I've been there. I met this girl a while ago, fell in love with her. I would cross oceans for this girl. No relationship actually came from this, but it doesn't mean we didn't have fun. When I asked her to be true, she denied me for the fact that "she lost feelings for me." I was devastated. Life went just went down the poop shoot. I didn't want to wake up in the morning knowing that my life had no purpose without her. So skipping all the little depressing details this devastating event caused me into going into depression. I'm usually a happy, funny guy. After this, all my colors faded to Grey, and I became...boring.

I know I'm not the only person in the world that has goes through this. Tons of people do, although it doesn't always turn out the same way. In my situation, after a couple months on being down in the dumps. I got back on my feet. It's isn't that I forgot about what happened, I just learned how to ignore it. Although for some people go into such deep depression it would take a lot to get them out. Sometimes the other options to get you feeling better work. (psychologists, anti-depressants etc...) Although on other occasions, these things do not work, and the person falls so deep into depression about this other person that they have the thought in their head that life is no longer important without this person. So it eventually leads to suicide.

I know how it feels to be victim to love. Yet...I have broken a heart before. A heart that cared for me when no one else did, that loved me for who I am, and I threw it away. Crushed, smashed, left in the dust. The girl I did this to, said it herself when I was going through my dilemma. "Karma's a bitch" and no matter how much that comment hurt me at the time. I believed it. I don't think it's possible to say sorry to someone anymore than I did. I apologized to this girl, over and over. So put this one on the list. I am sorry. For hurting you, deserting you...the fact of me even discussing another girl in front of you knowing you still have pieces of feelings for me. So I apologize again for the pain I caused you. The pain that I then felt.

Love is a terrible drug...
Irresistible, and delicious outside...
But poisonous and disgusting interior...



Ah yes racism. A topic that touches us all. Not in the way the creepy old man down the street touches young girls, or that way the catholic priest touches the alter boys. It seems to be an important topic in my life because I have a bunch of friends (believe it or not). They all have different ethnic backgrounds and some have darker skin than others. Now I treat them like no different person, because well...that’s what they are, people! Like you and me! But there are some people in the world that just can't fucking accept that. When they see someone with a darker shade of skin, it's all, "Holy fuck, he probably wants to steal my car." WTF? Honestly? Just cause he has darker skin, that makes him a fucking thief? You know what, just to prove your fucking wrong, I hope a guy as white at snow fucking takes your car from under your nose. People cannot just judge people like that. Although I shouldn't be the one to talk. I'm not saying I judge people because of skin color, but when your pants are below your ass and scraping the ground. I will automatically assume you have mental issues. If you are going to wear your pants so fucking low. Why wear them at all?
Anyways back to my topic.

The first thing I would want to discuss about racism is that people over use racist words. I play X-box, and whenever I join a lobby for a game all I can hear is, some twelve year old kid, getting smashed on by a 17 year old who’s saying: "What the fuck, you sound like your still in diapers." Then the twelve year old would respond saying something stupid back. Usually one of these conversations would usually end in: "Whatever you're gay." Or "Shut up, and quit acting like a nigger." I'm going to analyze this. The person who is using the term "nigger" must be referring to slaves? So, technically he's acting like a slave? Um...I don't get it? If this person was referring to a black person. First off, he’s a racist little fucker who should get car jacks attached to his nipples. Second off he’s trying to explain that this young boy is acting like someone that goes to work or school everyday just like everyone of us. Pays taxes just like all of us. So really? He's acting like a normal human being? If that's so bad what the fuck is wrong with you? You from space or something?

Second off, I would like to refer to the people that say racist words to each other, and it's okay. Although when someone with a different color skin says it. They fucking freak out on them. I'm once again going to refer the word "nigger".
You see guys on the street meeting up with friends just like most teenagers do, but instead of opening the conversation with: "Hey, how's it going?" you would hear them say: "What's going on my nigger." Okay, so their saying to each other. Which means it would be okay if everyone else says it to their friends...right? Sadly. That isn't the case. These guys that say it have to make this huge stink about how: "When our kind says it, their being racist." First off, "our kind"? We're all fucking human dumb ass! Second off, if you can approach your friend and say: "Hey nigger" I can most definitely do it too! So if you don't want "our kind" because we are a different races all of a sudden. To stop saying it, why don't you stop saying it too? "Oh, I can say it all I want. I'm black." Alright? And....what's the catch? Do you have some super power that I do not possess? Just because that word was used on dark skinned people who were slaves back in the day, doesn't mean you have any right to say it. Even if you have the same color skin as they did. So don't get fucking mad at me when I say it to my friends.

Alright moving on. I think I'm going to end this by explaining how "nigger" isn't TECHNICALLY a bad word. Still is though in a way. "Nigger" was a word, used back then (Sorry I'm not putting exact dates but I'm not a fucking history teacher) to portray slaves. So technically calling someone a "nigger" would be like calling them a slave...right? I'm no history teacher, or ethics teacher. So if there is something I'm missing here just tell me. But calling someone a "nigger" shouldn't be something to be taken offense to. Although it would make sense, if someone OF ANY COLOR SKIN (black, white, yellow, orange, purple, green, WHATEVER) would call someone a nigger, disrespecting what happened back then. I find that would be the equivalent to going up to a Jewish person and saying "HAIL HITLER!" right in their face. So anyways. This is MY opinion.