Sunday, April 18, 2010

"I love you", English Translation: Let me fucking eat your heart!!!

Love is something known through history as a feeling you feel for the other sex or same sex, that makes you feel as if nothing else was important, apart from this other individual. Although love maybe a feeling that doesn't come very often. When it does come it's usually amazing. Every time you kiss this person you feel as if your floating in space and nothing could ever ruin you. You're standing on the tip of a mountain, and nothing can bring you down. Believe it or not, nothing lasts forever, and you're going to be knocked off that mountain falling to your untimely doom.

I've been there. I met this girl a while ago, fell in love with her. I would cross oceans for this girl. No relationship actually came from this, but it doesn't mean we didn't have fun. When I asked her to be true, she denied me for the fact that "she lost feelings for me." I was devastated. Life went just went down the poop shoot. I didn't want to wake up in the morning knowing that my life had no purpose without her. So skipping all the little depressing details this devastating event caused me into going into depression. I'm usually a happy, funny guy. After this, all my colors faded to Grey, and I became...boring.

I know I'm not the only person in the world that has goes through this. Tons of people do, although it doesn't always turn out the same way. In my situation, after a couple months on being down in the dumps. I got back on my feet. It's isn't that I forgot about what happened, I just learned how to ignore it. Although for some people go into such deep depression it would take a lot to get them out. Sometimes the other options to get you feeling better work. (psychologists, anti-depressants etc...) Although on other occasions, these things do not work, and the person falls so deep into depression about this other person that they have the thought in their head that life is no longer important without this person. So it eventually leads to suicide.

I know how it feels to be victim to love. Yet...I have broken a heart before. A heart that cared for me when no one else did, that loved me for who I am, and I threw it away. Crushed, smashed, left in the dust. The girl I did this to, said it herself when I was going through my dilemma. "Karma's a bitch" and no matter how much that comment hurt me at the time. I believed it. I don't think it's possible to say sorry to someone anymore than I did. I apologized to this girl, over and over. So put this one on the list. I am sorry. For hurting you, deserting you...the fact of me even discussing another girl in front of you knowing you still have pieces of feelings for me. So I apologize again for the pain I caused you. The pain that I then felt.

Love is a terrible drug...
Irresistible, and delicious outside...
But poisonous and disgusting interior...



  1. We don't have enough time to dwell on these things - I say just fuck it.
    Life's easier that way.

  2. Like it or not...there is a giant chance it will happen.


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