Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ah yes racism. A topic that touches us all. Not in the way the creepy old man down the street touches young girls, or that way the catholic priest touches the alter boys. It seems to be an important topic in my life because I have a bunch of friends (believe it or not). They all have different ethnic backgrounds and some have darker skin than others. Now I treat them like no different person, because well...that’s what they are, people! Like you and me! But there are some people in the world that just can't fucking accept that. When they see someone with a darker shade of skin, it's all, "Holy fuck, he probably wants to steal my car." WTF? Honestly? Just cause he has darker skin, that makes him a fucking thief? You know what, just to prove your fucking wrong, I hope a guy as white at snow fucking takes your car from under your nose. People cannot just judge people like that. Although I shouldn't be the one to talk. I'm not saying I judge people because of skin color, but when your pants are below your ass and scraping the ground. I will automatically assume you have mental issues. If you are going to wear your pants so fucking low. Why wear them at all?
Anyways back to my topic.

The first thing I would want to discuss about racism is that people over use racist words. I play X-box, and whenever I join a lobby for a game all I can hear is, some twelve year old kid, getting smashed on by a 17 year old who’s saying: "What the fuck, you sound like your still in diapers." Then the twelve year old would respond saying something stupid back. Usually one of these conversations would usually end in: "Whatever you're gay." Or "Shut up, and quit acting like a nigger." I'm going to analyze this. The person who is using the term "nigger" must be referring to slaves? So, technically he's acting like a slave? Um...I don't get it? If this person was referring to a black person. First off, he’s a racist little fucker who should get car jacks attached to his nipples. Second off he’s trying to explain that this young boy is acting like someone that goes to work or school everyday just like everyone of us. Pays taxes just like all of us. So really? He's acting like a normal human being? If that's so bad what the fuck is wrong with you? You from space or something?

Second off, I would like to refer to the people that say racist words to each other, and it's okay. Although when someone with a different color skin says it. They fucking freak out on them. I'm once again going to refer the word "nigger".
You see guys on the street meeting up with friends just like most teenagers do, but instead of opening the conversation with: "Hey, how's it going?" you would hear them say: "What's going on my nigger." Okay, so their saying to each other. Which means it would be okay if everyone else says it to their friends...right? Sadly. That isn't the case. These guys that say it have to make this huge stink about how: "When our kind says it, their being racist." First off, "our kind"? We're all fucking human dumb ass! Second off, if you can approach your friend and say: "Hey nigger" I can most definitely do it too! So if you don't want "our kind" because we are a different races all of a sudden. To stop saying it, why don't you stop saying it too? "Oh, I can say it all I want. I'm black." Alright? And....what's the catch? Do you have some super power that I do not possess? Just because that word was used on dark skinned people who were slaves back in the day, doesn't mean you have any right to say it. Even if you have the same color skin as they did. So don't get fucking mad at me when I say it to my friends.

Alright moving on. I think I'm going to end this by explaining how "nigger" isn't TECHNICALLY a bad word. Still is though in a way. "Nigger" was a word, used back then (Sorry I'm not putting exact dates but I'm not a fucking history teacher) to portray slaves. So technically calling someone a "nigger" would be like calling them a slave...right? I'm no history teacher, or ethics teacher. So if there is something I'm missing here just tell me. But calling someone a "nigger" shouldn't be something to be taken offense to. Although it would make sense, if someone OF ANY COLOR SKIN (black, white, yellow, orange, purple, green, WHATEVER) would call someone a nigger, disrespecting what happened back then. I find that would be the equivalent to going up to a Jewish person and saying "HAIL HITLER!" right in their face. So anyways. This is MY opinion.



  1. You're absolutely right.

    When the ancestors of today's blacks fought for decades to rid society of the term 'nigger', now they use it amongst themselves. If those ancestors were to be brought back from their graves... I doubt they'd be very happy.

    watch this video

  2. mike i think u got this idea from me,
    im pretty sure you know who this is
    especially since a nigger did steal my bike


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