Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Good day,
Today I will be discussing about the drug argument. Argument? What argument? The argument between the people that use them but don't abuse them and the people who are abusers and just need a quick fix. This argument stands against the government in the choice of them keeping drugs illegal or finally legalizing them.

I'm not a big drug user. Although I have friends that are. My question when I ask myself, is if they are users or abusers. What's the difference? Users are people who do or have used drugs but have never developed a dependence of them. For example me. I'll smoke a joint or two, but it's hard for me to get "hooked". For the other people out there that use drugs, but for all the wrong reasons. (I don't want to say anybody's name, for the fact that it isn't cool to be suspicious of people, what they do is their business.) I smoke weed, for a couple reasons. First off, it's fun. The way it makes you feel isn't something you would feel everyday, also it's an anti-depressant. So for a person like me that's always thinking negatively, this drug is more of a "happy way out" instead of a "I need this" kind of thing. Second reason I like it, is because it could save lives. Doctors prescribe this drugs to cancer patients and anorexia. With the cancer situation, it actually slows down the cancer cells from spreading. It doesn't get rid of them, but it gives you a couple more hours of life. With the anorexia situation, it makes you hungry. So you eat. I actually smoked a spliff one time and I ate a fucking poutine, a sandwich, cereal, mashed potatoes, turkey, salad and a couple other things. All that food in my stomach felt like I just ate a chocolate bar.

Abusing the drug and saying that you NEED it like people NEED coffee or else they are going to be a whore bag for the entire day. I've never been addicted to something. So I wouldn't be able to tell you how hard it is to be addicted. Although in my opinion it isn't good to abuse drugs. And to those people who are addicted to things. I advise you to quit, although if you can develop a bond with the drug (alcohol and cigarettes too) and use it without being addicted to the product I think that would be considerably acceptable.

In my opinion drugs should be legalized. Every single one of them. I'm not saying that they are a good thing and I'm not promoting to children to run away from home and start snorting coke like it was nasal spray. But think of it. The economy would be flying. There wouldn't be any more drug crime anymore because it would all be in the pharmacies. And it isn't obligatory that people do them. Like I wouldn't touch anything that was man made like coke, smack or something like that. And for the people do get addicted to the product it would be their problem! They would have to deal with the consequences. I'm pretty sure every rehab in the country is going to be booming with business. And if these addicts can't pay bills anymore and can't support being in a house. Install suicide booths around the city. Like in that show, Futurama, it's off the air now, but whatever. It's a quarter. So the government makes money. And it keeps the world clean of suicidal bastards that want to jump off building or in front of subway cars. And less of a mess already. Plus the government shouldn't really be giving a fuck about the people that use the drugs. Smoking kills right? Yet the government sits by it like there isn't a problem. Why? Profit...
So come on government! Legalize the drugs already! There is a shiny penny waiting for you.


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