Saturday, May 1, 2010

Behind those friendly eyes, lies only betrayal...

Your friends...are they really your friends? Has it ever happened to you, that your "friend" says, "I promise I wont tell anyone" so you tell them whatever you have to tell them, and then all of a sudden. The whole fucking world knows what you told that single person. Then you ask them what the fuck happened, and they give you a fucking excuse like, "Oops, it slipped out." or "I guess someone over heard us talking." There is a possibility that the last one occurs, but if you know how to whisper. It shouldn't be a problem.

Friends are people you can count on. People you can trust. Friends are people you can have fun with. People who when you need them and they are there, like you're there for them. But if you have a "friend" that can't keep their fucking mouth shut when you clearly tell them too. I don't know if that would considered a friend. Where you can't tell them something private without them spreading the world as if it was herpes.

Also what bugs me about some friends is when they hear something from someone else or just have heard something about you going around. They wont tell you. Because they promised the other person that they wouldn't tell. Honestly I find this extremely fucking stupid, for the fact that YOU ARE INVOLVED IN THE THING BEING SPREAD! If you weren't involved then it would be none of your business. Although if someone is spreading something about you that either isn't true or wasn't suppose to be told. Why the fuck is it such a problem for people who say their you're friends to tell you something that involves you. I think it would be because if these kind of things piss you off and they know it does. They don't want you breaking the other persons legs. Which in my opinion is always needed.

To all people that either can't keep their mouth shut, or enjoy holding back secrets that involve the person that wants to know. You are a fucking bitch faced asshole and deserve to get cunt.


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