Monday, May 3, 2010

Kids These Days...

Kids these days, they're are all fucked!!! All of them! These new generations are nothing but posers and whores. They want to be like the grown ups. They see that making strip videos, having sex, smoking and getting drunk is the shit. It really isn't!!! Apart from the fact that I do all of those things...except from the strip videos. Kids these days just do what they see on t.v., movies and just watch what the older generations do. If it wasn't for us, they wouldn't be doing what they do. Although it is their own fault that they attempt to do what we do terribly.

First off, I can't really criticize them on looking up to the older generations and getting ideas from them. Because when we were 12 that's what we did. And the smoking and drinking all came from influence. Even if we don't think it. Some people reading this are like, "This kid is only a teenager, he isn't even an adult yet.". Well, I would like to promptly tell you to go fuck yourself. Because even though I'm not an adult. I speak my mind more maturely than some of them.

Anyways, kids these days are all into that hip-hop shit. I personally don't get what's so good about it. It's a loud base, with a guy talking really fast. But I guess that's what's "in". In most of these music videos, there are girls half naked dancing around like fucking strippers. (Not that I mind) This is not only degrading to woman, it just makes it look like all girls now a days are easy.(Not that I really care)I see little grade 7's thinking they are the shit, with their pants down to their knees and hat turned to the side. With a cigarette in between their lips and they are coughing more than an exhaust pipe of a 1986 Mustang. Then you have the 12 year old girls making strip tease videos for their "boyfriends" or attempting to have sex even though he isn't even old enough to get it up right. Wearing their skirts so high you can see the bottom of their ass cheeks. Do you see a problem here? I do!

Sometimes I would just want to smack this kids in the back of the heads. Honestly. I failed. I failed at remaining strong against peer pressure. But these kids, they are smarter than that. They should be the ones trying to stop this...propaganda being spread all over the nation. It's horrifically stupid.

I'm thinking right now. About how kids are moving into a scene, into a style that's going to stick with them. So if they want to look like retards with their pants on the ground. Or look like hookers with their non existing skirts. I guess that's what they want to be seen as. Well that's their choice. I can't say it will always be that way. Me for instance. I used to be all "Yo, yo, was-up dawg?" Now I'm all "Fuck you" People change. I like where I am now. If they like what they're doing fine. In my opinion it's disgusting.


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