Monday, May 10, 2010


Hello, I'm fucking pissed as shit right now...why you ask? High school! The worst possible thing to happen to people. It turns people in to fucking little assholes who enjoy spreading shit that isn't true or shit that doesn't really matter, the only reason it's being spread is to be making you looks bad. See this is why I'm a rebel. Because I don't fucking care! Spread as much shit about me, try to ruin my "reputation" I honestly couldn't care less. the only thing that fucking gets to me, and fucking pisses me off is that people who you thought are your friends pass this shit about you around like fucking herpes!!!

Listen, people do stupid things. I do stupid things. EVERYONE DOES DO STUPID THINGS!!! Now just because something stupid went down doesn't fucking mean you should go be telling people. It isn't hot gossip. I'm not a celebrity, and even if I was I would be pretty fucking pissed if people would be spreading shit about me.

Now it's even worse when one of your so called "friends" know this rumor, and maybe even if they aren't spreading it. They wont tell you who they heard it from. Because they know God damn well know that whoever told them will be loosing a large portion of blood if you found out. Well in my opinion I would beat the living shit or verbal destroy this person. "But wait Mike! What if the person that is spreading shit is one of your friends?" Well first off, if they were fucking friends they wouldn't be saying things about you. Especially if it would be something either embarrassing or something just not to be fucking told.

But whatever. Spread rumors, tell lies. Release secrets. Just don't complain when you are getting the consequences. Even if it does involve people beating you up or people getting pissed at you. So as a message to all the mother fuckers out there that DO spread shit without consent of those it concerns. GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!


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