Monday, June 13, 2011

The Broken Tides

I sit here on my chair
Thinking, if my mind could bare
The situations that all come my way.

All of life, torment and pain
I wait for better, yet nothing has changed
I'm stuck on this road
Downhill, all it's ever known.

As the heavens burn
And hell freezes over
You shall witness for the first time
My life
The Broken Tides

I was a child, about three
You took away my sanity
Violent and vulgar surroundings
The speed I picked up, astounding

What have you done
What have you done

Soiled, destroyed!
I had no choice but to become a man
A man no one can understand.
Although I still live a life
My life
The Broken Tides

I grew older as things changed
And my life was rearranged
I remained the only one, considered sane.

A heavy pain on my mind
I don't know yet, of what I'll find
In a memoir of destruction and theft.
Stolen and chocked
My childhood barely spoke
And now the only way to kill the pain, is to take a toke.

Yet this pain, I cannot bare
And I dream that this life, just isn't fair
How am I stuck living this life
My life
The Broken Tides

No inner peace
My mind will never cease
To find the place where it can truly rest.

Always moving all the time
There's a fault, it's only mine
My world seems to crumble, to pieces.

Now I sit here in the shade
As this story becomes a shame
My mind is lost at sea, because of life
My life
The Broken Tides.

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  1. This is really good. Passionate and lyrical. :)
    It's awesome.


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