Tuesday, May 10, 2011

They are not our future.

Distractions surround us. Blinding us from the truth. What's real and what's fake, it's hard to tell lately. Everything is a lie. Whatever you heard, it's probably wrong. So let's just keep living life the "normal" way. Wouldn't want to fuck up a system made to help us live. Give us guidelines to our own lives. No, no, no! It's not up to us to figure what's right from wrong. We must be taught in a brainwashing manor. Have standards set and goals put in place so that we can focus on that and not on the real problems needing to be fixed. We are no longer human, we are robots. Set, programed and controlled. Diversity is dead. Thinking is dead. We are all dead. Supreme leaders, religion, money, greed. Look what it's done. Look at what we have created. A monster of destruction. Merciless killing for money or in the name of a God. Does that make it right? Discrimination and racism because that's how the ones before us were. It's time to change. Open your minds, and free the words and thoughts inside. Because it is not them who get to make up the future. It is us.

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