Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is punk?

It seems as if I get this question asked to me far too many times. What is and isn't punk?

Some people say it's a genre of music, some people say it's a style, and some people just think it's pissed off teenagers yelling anarchy. Although, these are all opinions, and I'll give you mine.

It is true that punk is a genre of music, and a style. Although those stupid teens running in the street aren't punk. They are just posing as the shit they see in the movies. Anarchy isn't a solution to all problems it's a creator for more. If we have anarchy, sure the people that wanted it will be doing okay for the time being and will have some shit in order, but for all the other people of the world that are used to the guide lines the government sets, they will be lost and turn to our barbaric origins. Tribes will be formed and it will be war and killing all the time.

See punk isn't about that. Punk is about freedom of mind and actually having the rights a human deserves. Fighting for a cause, being unique and individual. The whole society runs on the system of who's normal and who isn't and whoever isn't wearing what's in or what's big they're freaks! Punk is about pushing back against society showing people that we can be real and "normal" (whatever the fuck normal is) without conforming with society. Doesn't have to be about the way you dress, just the way you think.

The fashion, the music follows the definition. "Pushing back against society and just being different." The punk style is crazy, colorful and nothing ordinary, I like it. Doesn't mean I don't wear jeans or dress shirts but I like the style for what it is. Cause I can't find any other style that fits me. The music is the same thing, it isn't something you would typically hear on your local radio station even if it plays rock and roll. It differences itself from other music. I also enjoy the music cause it usually has good messages and etc.

Punk is all in the mind. Liking things most people don't and questioning things most people wont bother even dealing with.

We don't look for attention, we don't look for trouble. We just try to get a message out to the others. To make them think. Maybe they will understand why punks think differently. The only thing I hate is how society judges people who "claim" they're punk before even knowing them. Once punk comes into mind you're already classed a crazed pyromaniac killer. It's unfair and pathetic how ignorance has taken over our society.

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