Sunday, January 22, 2012

Real Thoughts

Politicians look like actors, while waiting, posing, and getting make-upped for the cameras. These are not real people, these are aliens enforcing ideas through mere pawns. They make our life. They decide out fate. Everything around us is planned, every outcome staged. The people responsible are not people. They are soulless, careless, manikins killing the innocent. Like a play on a stage. "Terrorists" are victims, targets of blame. A chosen leader to care of the ant farm. Our minds used to be able to make things levitate, so they say. Does that make us now any dumber? Did it ever even happen? We are ruled by people who are ruled themselves. Not by men, but by faceless demons. Celebrities think they're in the game too. But all they're doing is attracting everyone's attention, they're puppets to the real puppeteers of this small, small, toy box world we live in; "What do you want? Paper or plastic? Large or small? Fries or Onion rings?" We're all just mice in a maze, cool cats in a daze, and ruled by ghosts.

-I wrote this last night as I was watching the film "Fahrenheit 9/11" directed by Michael Moore. I was high at the time, so my mind could truly think freely for a second. Not that I need to be high to think freely, but makes things, revelations hit you harder. You understand even more clear. Anyway, like it or not, there it is.

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