Sunday, September 23, 2012

The State of Why

People ask why I smoke, People ask why I do drugs, People ask why I drink, Why do I obsess myself with these forms of entertainment that prohibit me from being "myself". Well, let me answer this mind boggling question as honestly as I can. I seem to have this concept of man in my head. How man is not truly man at the state that is. Man is bewildered by what it's created. It's created itself, as it is today. What's on TV, what's on the airwaves, what's in our schools, what our politicians are saying. It all dawned on our old cave wondering relative, it all became his cause. The science we've put into it, the progression we have made...for what? People have become selfish, greedy, hateful things. No longer is every man entitled to life, but every man is entitled to a chance at creating his life. Life is the basic action, of living. What does it take to be living? Shelter, nutrition, and socialization. Yet what have we become? Slaving, to acquire manufactured currency, to buy bullshit products made cheap and sold expensive. Why? What for? Everyone seems to have a new itch to be scratched all the time, hardly anybody can just see the good and enjoy. Now, you may be thinking that's highly hypocritical of me to say that, due to I complain, and dislike so many things. But that doesn't mean I don't see the beauty in life, I just don't know how you're supposed to obtain it. "But it means something different to everyone else." The only reason it does is because we've been told it has. There's no physical proof of "the good in life" you have to find it yourself. Yet recently the only thing people have been able to find is; parties, celebrities who know they're better than everyone else, and being the best guy at the party. And that last point brings me to my next one. The reason why everyone is the way they are. The reason why everyone is so materialistic, and self obsessed. Is because that's their true happiness. To be surrounded with material goods that others have yet to posses. For example: Jim pre ordered the Iphone 5, his friend Mat wishes he did, he only has an Iphone 4S. Now, let's analyse this. The reason Jim may be buying this new product could be for it's technological advances and modernisation, the subconscious reason is because; the NEW Iphone is what everyone wants, not everyone has it yet, Jim wants to be one of the first so that everyone runs to him asking to see it/use it. Mat on the other hand wants to upgrade his phone so that he too can attract a community to take liking to him due to this product. Products control humans in the sense that without what's "in", you're definitely not and people will take a disliking to you. Or you wont fit in as well. Which will make you feel unhappy. I don't see the point in having the newest model, or wearing people or company names across my body. I have no one to impress, I have no judges. People can't have their opinion on me and the way I am, which is fine. But I show no interest in it. Food, one of the most important and best tasting things in our lives. Has become more of a "gasoline for humans" rather than a tasty refreshment. We ate food not only because we need it to live, but to savour the flavours and textures. Lately, people, and even I myself have been consuming food to keep themselves going. Just to give them that extra push they need for them to complete the rest of their day. No one takes the time to just look at the sun, or the trees, people listen to their music on the go just so that the city sounds don't bring them more down than they already are. I smoke because I can't be high all the time. Because no matter what I believe, no matter how shitty I think our ways have become, I still have to make due. The smart way, so that I, and the people I LOVE can make the best of it. I do drugs, so I can escape this painted picture of happiness. So I can take off the smiley face that's been taped to my mouth. So that I can actually FEEL for once. I drink, to forget. To forget about boundaries and laws. To forget about stupidity, by becoming the stupid. It's my one way ticket to being retarded, just so even I, the one that rejects our way of life, can fit in. So I too, can get the inside joke everyone is laughing about, and all I'm getting is the quiet snickering. I am no different from you, or anyone else. I am human. I enjoy, I hate, I cry, I lose my temper, I take dumps and piss as I please. Except I see what everyone has so much trouble seeing. And that's one the hardest things to ever live with...

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